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Savitech launches the SV732-/SV735-, 1CH/2CH/4CH General-Purpose BW= 2MHz Operation Amplifier family with lowest quiescent current 60uA per channel idea for three to four battery powered or general applications.
Savitech delivers the SV53-/SV51-, high-quality, YPbPr/RGB Video Driver/Buffer family for High-Definition (HD) Video and Standard-Definition (SD) Video applications.
Savitech launches the SV72-/SV73-/SV74-/SV75-, low-voltage, low-power, high-performance Single-, Dual- and Quad SPDT Analog Switch family targeting on seamless Audio, Video and Interface Date switching applications.
Savitech releases the SV732-LV/SV735-LV, 1CH/2CH/4CH Low-Voltage, BW=1.5MHz, General-Purpose Operational Amplifier Family features low noise figure idea for two to four battery powered applications.
Savitech unveils SV70-/SV71-/SV72-, USB2.0 High-Speed (480Mbps) compliant USB2.0 switch family targeting on smart handheld and portable applications.

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